Helping Grow Our Community by Supporting them with the Knowledge and Education to Maximize Their Business Potential

Core Strengths

Plant Science, Business Operation & Strategy, Marketing, Brand & Talent Management

Business Assets

We are small, personal, uncomplicated, and have a large network of professional within the cannabis industry

Our History

Zen Leaf Gardens start in 2018 with the mission to share the knowledge that we have collected in the last 15 years in the cannabis industry with our community. Throughout our journey we have had the privilege of working with some of the top brands in the cultivation sector of the industry. Zen Leaf Gardens has dedicated years to understanding and learning the science of cannabis. We continue to work in our labs, so that we can share this knowledge to grow our community. Know that we take a personal investment in each one of our customers with the goal maximizing their potential.

Chris Grunenberg Jr has a long history with cannabis. Chris served in the US Military during the 9/11 Era and was discharged for PTSD and Chron’s Disease. He spent months in and out of the VA hospitals and underwent several surgeries that left him scarred and addicted to pain medication. It was during this period that he began researching cannabis as a medication for both his PTSD and Chron’s Disease. This sent him down the rabbit hole and began to dedicate himself to understanding this magical plant. He has dedicated his life to learning the science of cannabis. With this knowledge and after years of working in the underground cannabis market Zen Leaf Gardens was formed.

Chris’ Experience

15 Years of Cannabis Cultivation & Breeding

Hyper-Focused on Horticultural Science, Nutrients, Soil & Lighting

Experience in Solvent Less Rosin Technology & Edibles

“Our roots run deep within this industry with over 15 years dedicated to the understanding of cannabis. ZLG’s started with a grow tent inside of a closet and a couple of cannabis plants. Since then we had the pleasure of working with Fortune companies, Top Cannabis Talent, and fast-paced startups. We are Alchemist at helping you excel in complexed and emerging industry. It doesn’t matter if you starting out in a garage or an established cannabis company we can add the value you deserve.”