Our Specialties

We specialize in reducing business operation cost and maximize your ROI. We work with over 50 manufactures to find the right products for your facility to ensure that you are using the right equipment to make sure you are achieving the results that you want.


Build Business Plans

Every successful business needs a strong foundation to succeed. Let us build you a road map for your business, so that you get where you’re going safely. Let us take your vision and create a solid foundation so that you can begin to work your magic in this industry.

Improve Business Operations

We are ninjas at identifying the weak points of your business. What can take other companies days to evaluate and identify we can do in as few as a couple of hours. We create SOP’s, Equipment Improvement and Training that will turn your business around in less than 90 days.

Evaluate and Improve Cultivation and Extraction Facilities

Did you hire a “Master Grower” yet your business is still left wanting more? ZLG will come in and evaluate the performance of your facility. We can then help you find a new Director of Cultivation, or help train your existing “Master Grower” on products and SOP’s that will increase the performance of your business.

Navigate and Connect You with the Right Manufactures

Throught out ZLG’s history we have worked with the top manufactures in the horticultural industry. We understand the hundreds of products on the market, and we continue to work with these manufactures. After a quick evaluation of your facility we will make sure that you are purchasing the right products for your facilities needs.

Cannabis Cultivation

We provide training courses on cultivation techniques and breeding of strains for all types of facilities. If your looking to maximize your dollar value in the concentrate market ZLG’s specializes in Solvent less Rosin Extraction. ZLG will customize a training program that is right for you regardless if it’s an 8 hour course or a 12 month program.


Market Education

Regardless if you are a new or existing business we provide business with the market data and information needed to be successful. We will help you navigate the market place to ensure that your business is playing with an unfair advantage.

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